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Dental Facebook & Instagram Ads that Work

Attract more of the right patients

Stop wasting time and money on social media

:Delmain offers a smarter way to attract new patients through dental Facebook and Instagram ads. Our proven approach gets your practice in front of the right people, raises brand awareness, and turns people you don’t know into paying patients that you love.

Dual Audience Strategy

  • Target patient personas
  • Remarketing and cold audience reach
  • Machine learning bid optimization
  • Testing & Revising

  • Multiple ad formats & platforms (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Custom visuals and ad copy
  • Targeted audience and messaging
  • Transparent Results

  • 24/7 reporting dashboard
  • Phone call, form submission, and online booking tracking
  • Strategy insights from your dedicated account manager
  • Meta Ads Services

    • Strategic “look-like-my-ideal-patient” ad targeting
    • Warm audience remarketing (or retargeting)
    • Compelling Facebook ad creative
    • Optimizing ad spend based on Facebook and Instagram ad performance
    • High-impact landing pages designed to convert
    • Phone call tracking
    • Results tracking and reporting

    Supporting Services

    Practices thrive with :Delmain

    Our practice has added 200 patients in the last 2 years.

    Providers We Support

    Startups, acquisitions, and established practices

    What is dental Meta advertising?

    • Dental Meta advertising is the process of promoting and increasing the reach of your posts through paid campaigns on both of Meta’s platforms, Facebook and Instagram.
    • While your practice can (and should) manage an organic social media strategy, only the tiniest fraction of your followers will ever see what you post.
    • With a paid strategy, you can target and get in front of an audience that matches the interests, needs, and demographics of your ideal patient.

    Over 30% of people turn to social media when making a healthcare decision, like choosing their dentist. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is all about being in the right place at the right time.

    How to get the most out of your dental Meta Ads?

    Our team has spent years testing and analyzing the best Facebook and Instagram strategies. It takes the right budget combined with a comprehensive and targeted approach:

    • Featuring high-quality original images and videos
    • Maximizing Facebook’s ad-targeting capabilities
    • Writing compelling ad copy
    • A/B testing your ads — both text and image ads
    • Deploying our proven warm audience remarketing strategy

    Meta advertising is an amazing investment for dentists. The average cost per click for dental Facebook ads runs between $1-$5. Even better — Facebook provides sophisticated performance data so you can know your exact return on investment.

    Dental Facebook and Instagram Ads: They’re a win-win!

    Good for patients

    Mobile-friendly experience Compelling, informative content Easy appointment booking

    Good for dentists

    More of the right patients on your website 24/7 practice promotion Incredible return on investment

    FAQ: Dental marketing Meta ads

    We offer 3 investment plans, starting at $275/month. We’ll help you select the plan that fits your goals. We recommend a monthly Meta ads budget of $250–$750+.

    Our funnel approach evolves over 6 months. For the best results, this strategy involves moving your audience through 3 stages: Awareness (month 1), Consideration (month 2 & 3, and Conversion (month 4-6).

    If you have an active Facebook page (a presence on Instagram is optional), lots of brand fodder (like practice photos, videos, other visuals), and ambitious new patient goals, Meta Ads will work for your practice.

    Every month. We use Meta Ads Manager, Google Analytics, and other sources to create a customized report just for you. We’ll explain the number of clicks, phone calls, website form submissions, and appointments booked through your Facebook and Instagram Ads. We’ll also explain how we’ll continue improving results in the coming months. Your questions and feedback are always welcome

    Yes! Your total monthly spend is allocated for use on both Facebook and Instagram. We’ll direct your ads and budget to where we’re getting the best results.

    Right away! Book an intro call and start seeing more of the right patients.

    We ask all our partners for an initial commitment of 6 months. Your contract becomes month-to-month after that and you can cancel anytime.

    :Delmain does it best

    We understand that growing a practice is hard. There isn’t enough time in a day for you to do everything and manage everyone. You need a dental marketing company that can take the reins so you don’t have to.

    We work with 1 dentist in each city

    You own all our work (buy, don't rent!)

    No setup fees or annual contracts

    Software recommendations for every practice

    3 Investment Options

    1. Nurture
    Best for maintaining brand awareness while managing an already busy schedule.
    2. Growth Most Popular!
    Perfect for startup practices or dentists who want to see more of the right patients.
    3. Accelerator
    For the motivated and ambitious dentist who is ready to grow their practice quickly.

    Your investment includes a dedicated Account Manager backed by a team of dental marketing experts ready to keep your practice ahead of the competition.

    Stop surviving. Start thriving.

    1. Book an introductory call

    2. Select the plan that fits your goals

    3. Start seeing more patients